Venture Day – 10 November 2017

PM News   •    November, 2017

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On November 10th, 2017 Privilège Management SA, since last year also with an office in Zurich, held its first Venture Capital Day at the Hotel Dante in Lugano. The event was hosted by the founder and CEO of the Company, Jacqueline Ruedin-Rüsch, who described Privilège’s activity in the venture capital space. Privilège started to follow venture capital in 2012 and made its first investments in 2014. Currently the Company is in the process of launching its second fund dedicated to this asset class.

Privilège also used the event to introduce Lucian Wagner, former entrepreneur and now full-time investor with an extensive experience in the space. Lucian also serves as a director in the first venture capital fund launched by Privilège in June 2016.

The event was attended by investors, some members of the AGIRE Foundation – the agency of the Ticino Canton that supports innovation and technological development in the Canton and that plays a fundamental role in supporting local start-ups. In a world characterised by low interest rates and traditional markets increasingly subject to exogenous and unpredictable events, venture capital investing can offer interesting returns while concurring in the creation of real wealth creation and job opportunities. To provide a flavour of the ecosystem in the venture capital space, Privilège presented five, mostly Swiss, start-ups in which Privilège has already invested:

·         ScanTrust (Lausanne, represented by CFO Jennifer Wu-Schwab) which has developed a way to produce a QR code that cannot be counterfeited and that allows companies to follow their products through the entire value chain while at the same time gathering useful information on the distribution chain and final clients. The code also allows companies to protect themselves against counterfeiting of their products.

·         Codecheck AG (Zurich, represented by CEO Boris Manhart) has developed an algorithm which thanks to a very simple APP helps consumers in the choice of foods and cosmetics by identifying ingredients with a bar code and select products based on customers’ lifestyles while avoiding products which may produce allergies and other side-effects.

·         Stoyo Media (Berlin, represented by founder & CEO Patrick Bales) creates video content for advertising purposes based on algorithms that can identify current trends and interests of social media users thereby generating at least one million click per video. After two years of activity, Stoyo has become the undiscussed leader in the German market.

·         Creoptix AG (Wädenswil, represented by CEO Dr. Matyas Vegh) has developed and is already selling its second-generation device which helps pharmaceutical companies speed-up the drug discovery process in the initial, crucial phases, thereby saving time and money to pharmaceutical companies and research laboratories.

·         Snowcookie (Chorzow, Poland, represented by founder and CEO Martin Kawalski) has developed a wearable for skiers capable of analysing posture, the positioning of the skis and thus provide feedback which allows the skier to improve his/her style, measure muscle fatigue and, thanks to its monitoring activity, prevent accidents.  

With the planned launch of its second venture capital fund next year, Privilège intends to position itself as a partner of reference in the sector.

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