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21 December, 2021

PM Newsletter • December 2021

By |2021-12-21T16:13:44+01:002021/12/21|Categories: Newsletter|Comments Off on PM Newsletter • December 2021

During the first quarter of 2021 the dollar rose by 4.14% while gold fell by 10.53%. Nothing unusual here since gold has traditionally been a good hedge against the dollar and, additionally, since gold is much more volatile than the dollar you need a small gold allocation, relative to your dollar exposure, to protect yourself against adverse dollar movements.

20 October, 2020

PM Newsletter • October 2020

By |2020-10-21T13:02:01+02:002020/10/20|Categories: Newsletter|Comments Off on PM Newsletter • October 2020

In the September Newsletter we looked at the dollar as investors and concluded that it would rise in the short term but decline in the medium-term. In this Newsletter we will deal with a more long-term theme that might strengthen the traditionally inverse relationship between the yellow metal and the greenback.