21 May, 2019

PM Newsletter • May 2019

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With China rapidly approaching its final stage of development, we as investors are hard pressed to find the next great success story. We believe that Vietnam will be such a story for a series of reasons: Vietnam is still not in the radar of international investors because of scarce liquidity and lack of presence in the major indices.

30 October, 2018

PM Newsletter • 8 – 2018

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As practitioners active since 2014 in venture capital investing, we are beginning to see a definite change of attitude on the part of our HNW clients toward venture capital. This does not surprise us. In fact, investors, especially those who are professionally advised, appear to know we are presently in the middle of a transition whereby central banks are gradually raising interest rates (FED), or already mapping out their exit strategy (ECB).

22 August, 2018

PM Newsletter • 6 – 2018

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There is an eerie quiet in the equity markets of developed countries. Yet there is no shortage of reasons to be worried. Amid the bombast surrounding the tariff confrontations, sanctions, cold and hot wars, QE tapering and general hubris, the world hardly seems like a tranquil place.

02 February, 2018

PM Newsletter • 1 – 2018

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When it comes to investing in China’s equity market we have become accustomed to a narrative centred on GDP growth. But at this stage in China’s evolution it is important to note that the (permanent) decline in China’s economic growth is a perfectly normal development.