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Investment funds are often the ideal instruments to invest in certain markets. An appropriate analysis of third party funds can avoid costly mistakes.

In May 2015 FINMA awarded Privilège the authorisation to act as distributor of collective investment schemes to qualified investors in Switzerland.

Privilège offers to international asset managers the possibility to access the Swiss market for their funds by leveraging its network of institutional clients built up over many years of activity in Switzerland.

Privilège has significant experience in the selection and due diligence of third party funds. Choosing a third party fund in which to invest cannot be just a question of analysing past performance. It is much more important to evaluate the management company, the investment professionals involved, risk management framework, back-up systems, counterparty risks, etc. Privilège accepts ad hoc mandates to execute due diligence on third party funds.

Thanks to its experienced due diligence team and its independence, Privilège offers Swiss Qualified Investors the possibility to access a diversified selection of investment funds covering various strategies and geographical areas.


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