In the financial field, there is nothing more satisfying than helping innovative entrepreneurs who, if successful, will make our lives better, create jobs and wealth for the community and provide an interesting return for investors.

Venture Capital allows investors to finance promising start-ups with high growth potential in exchange for equity stakes. Access to this asset class usually requires high minimum investments. Privilège, with the help of qualified advisors, offers its clients the possibility to access this exclusive asset class through dedicated vehicles that invest directly in high potential start-ups in Switzerland and Europe.

Privilège also offers its clients the option to invest directly in selected start-up. We can also provide ad hoc research and analysis for individual investments to investors who have the ability to source deals, but are not willing to mount a thorough due diligence on the sourced companies.

Privilège believes that the inclusion of Venture Capital investments in clients’ asset allocation allows investors to benefit from high potential investments over the long term. This type of investment is suitable only for those investors who are willing to remain invested for a long period.

I have been working for the last few years with Privilège Management and it has been a positive experience from the get go. Their willingness to go the extra mile for entrepreneurs or other investors is impressive. We have now made several investments together, with more in the pipeline and I wish that more members of the European Investment Community had their work ethic, their dedication and their sense of humor!

Lucian Wagner, EuroUS Ventures AG
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I’m very happy to have Privilège on board as an investor. They have been a great partner for us at all time. Always nice, very supportive, knowledgeable, great network – all you’re asking for as a startup. 

Patrick Bales, Stoyo Media


It is a pleasure to work with Jacqueline and her team at Privilège Management!  They are fast, transparent, and very supportive of both our business and our team. They try to understand not only our business model, but also the various challenges faced by entrepreneurs.  Over the years, Privilège made every effort to help us with business introductions and fundraising needs. As a result, we have developed a very warm and cooperative relationship through our interactions.  The team at Privilège is interesting and very approachable, we are very proud to have them as an early investor in ScanTrust!

Jennifer Wu, ScanTrust SA